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Graceful Weeping Flowers (Gion Shidarezakura)

Graceful Weeping Flowers (Gion Shidarezakura)

Gion Shidarezakura, as the name suggests, is characterized by elegantly hanging flowers. In spring, the cherry blossoms adorn the park and captivate visitors.

The first-generation Gion Shidarezakura, which lived for 220 years, demised in 1947, its seeds were carefully cultivated and inherited, resulting in the current magnificent Gion Shidarezakura. This tree, grown from those seeds, proudly blooms in the park, boasting an age of approximately 80 years.


Gion Shidarezakura is illuminated at night, creating a fantastical ambiance. Enjoying the night blossoms allows you to savor Japan’s scenic beauty.