Frequently Asked Questions

About products

  • What does IP67 mean?

    The numbers indicates how well a device is protected against water and dust. It is defined by the IEC standard 60529.
    IP67 is "dust resistant" and can be "immersed in 1 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes".
    However, it cannot be used underwater at any time.

  • Are the products dimmable?

    All products are dimmable.
    Lighting fixture with a built-in DMX driver can be directly connected to a DMX controller for various dimming options.

  • Does the lighting fixture generate heat?

    Yes. Although our lighting fixtures are designed to suppress heat generation as much as possible, the ambient temperature may exceed the specifications when it is installed in a closed space such as inside a device or fixture, depending on the method of installation.
    Please make sure to install the lights in the structure designed to dissipate heat.

About installation

  • Are there any points to be especially careful about installation?

    Please refer to the instructions of each products.
    In the case of long LED strip lights, the strip lights may be subjected to unexpected stress such as bending or twisting during installation. We recommend installation by multiple people to avoid putting stress on the fixture.

About product

  • What is "Maximum series connection Length".

    Because of electrical resistance in the substrates and wiring in the lights, a voltage drop occurs toward the end of the light. Our lighting fixtures are designed to suppress the voltage drop as much as possible, but it cannot be 0. For this reason, we set "Maximum serial connection length" for each lighting fixture that can be connected in series. When using the lighting fixture with a length exceeding the "Maximum series connection length", connect the lights in parallel so that the length of the lights connected in series does not exceed "Maximum serial connection length".

About wiring

  • Are there any points that should be noted in the wiring from the DC power supply to the LED strip?

    The wiring cables from the DC power supply to the lighting fixture has electrical resistance. So if the wiring is long or thin, the voltage input to the lighting fixture may be lower than expected, and the brightness of the lamp may be down. If you are using the lighting fixtures that needs a lot of power, such as a long strip light, we recommend that you use a thick and short wire to supress electrical resistance.

About environmental response

  • Are your products lead free?

    All our products are lead free.

About warranty

  • What is the warranty period?

    5 years from the date of shipment.


  • Is it possible to support custom-made equipment and OEM?

    Please contact our sales representative.